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Express Judgment Recovery
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     is our commitment 
  • According to the U.S. Census nearly 80% of all judgments awarded in a court of law in the United States are never recovered.  The odds of collecting on the other 20% will diminish as time passes.  

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  • Luckily, Express Judgment Recovery can succeed when you can't!  Express Judgment Recovery is dedicated to the enforcement of unsatisfied judgments that have been legally assigned to us.  We have access to both private and public databases that allow us to 'skip-trace' the debtor and to locate any assets that the debtor may have.  As allowed by law, we will garnish wages, attach bank accounts, and seize assets as necessary to satisfy the unsatisfied judgment claim - ALWAYS AT OUR EXPENSE.

  • Express Judgment Recovery utilizes the latest technology, resources and skip tracing techniques combined with years of experience & determination, to enforce the judgment you worked so diligently to win.

  • Although the Judge ruled in your favor and awarded you a judgment against your Debtor, the court can not make your Debtor pay.  Unfortunately, enforcement of the Judgment is your responsibility, which sometimes leads to having one big worthless piece of paper or IOU.
DISCLAIMER:  Express Judgment Recovery is Not a law office and  do Not give legal advice.  If legal advice is needed, please consult an attorney.  Express Judgment Recovery neither makes, nor implies, any guarantee as to the outcome of any judgment enforcement claim.